LIMITED EDITION – Sumatra Coffee Beans



Sumatra, Indonesia
Taste Notes
Chocolate, All spicy and a hint of malt.

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KOPERASI PERTANIAN GAYO LAUSER ANTARA Located at the northwest tip of the Sumatran Island, farmers that cultivate this coffee are organised around the Gayo Lauser Antara Cooperative, a recent initiative founded in 2015. The co-operative was formed due to a strong desire to improve the welfare of members towards a more decent life. With the best quality coffee produced by members, the co-operative seeks to improve the economic conditions of members. Jagong Jeget, where this coffee grows, is a sub-district in the district of central Aceh, Aceh province, which has a population of less than 10,000 people. Jajang Jeget sub-district has altitudes between 1400-1600 m.a.s.l and fertile volcanic soils creating the perfect climate for arabica coffee. The types of coffee planted by members of the Gayo Lauser Antara co-operative are the Linie S, Bourbon, S-288 and Catimor varieties. The greater region of Aceh is the source of what were once called “Mandheling” coffees, though that term is used more as a marketing concept than a true region when applied to coffee at present. Aceh is sometimes referred to as Gayo or Gayoland, a reference to the Gayonese population one of the ethnicities that live in the area. Only the ripest and reddest cherries are hand-picked by farmer members. After pulping, the cherries are soaked for 8 hours, before being fermented for another 8 hours. The coffee is dried on a parachute until the skin is dry, the coffee is still moist when peeled. The beans are then laid to dry again in the sun until they have reached a moisture content of 13%. The coffee is then hand-sorted to take out any imperfect beans. This coffee is a bold and intense experience with spicy, chocolatey overtones that leave a lasting impression. A subtle hint of malt and liquorice adds depth and complexity to its rich, heavy body, making it a coffee for those who crave a robust and fullbodied brew.




1400 - 1600 MASL






Wet Hulled

Taste Notes

All Spicy, Chocolate, Hint of Malt, Liquorice, Heavy Body

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Motor Neurone Disease Association (MND), Balls to Cancer, Depher, Dogs Trust, Forget Me Not Childrens Hospice, Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Dovehouse Hospice, Emmaus UK, Kidney Cancer UK, Jessie's Fund, No Donation


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