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Black americano in a red cup on a wood table.

Why Coffee Bags Need to be on Your Radar

Rushing to catch your morning train? Craving that perfect cup of coffee to kickstart your day? Can’t bear the taste of bland instant coffee? We’ve been there. Convenience can feel impossible to find without sacrificing quality… at least until coffee … Read More

Metal spoon with ground coffee on a concrete background.

Navigating the World of Specialty Decaffeinated Coffee

So, you’re a devoted coffee lover and love your morning cup’s rich aromas and complex flavours. But lately, you’ve been feeling the jitters a bit too much. You’ve considered cutting back on caffeine, but the thought of stereotypically bland decaf … Read More

coffee beans and ground coffee, balanced on spoons

Coffee Bags: Quality Brewing on the Go

Craving a rich, flavorful brew but finding it clashing with the realities of a fast-paced life? Coffee lovers know the struggle all too well. The siren song of convenience often lures us towards a quick cup from the office machine … Read More

Coffee beans being roasted.

Specialty Coffee: Debunking Myths and Exploring Benefits

Have you ever wondered what makes specialty coffee so different from the coffee you find on supermarket shelves? Is it just a fancy label, or is there something truly special about these carefully crafted beans? Specialty coffee is not just … Read More

A coffee machine extracting an espresso shot into a white mug

Brewing Methods: Comparing Specialty Coffee Techniques

What is the best method for brewing specialty coffee? In Howden Coffee’s latest blog, we explore the various wonderful ways to create the perfect coffee. … Read More

Roasted specialty coffee beans

DIY Specialty Coffee Blends: Creating Your Perfect Cup

Tired of the same old coffee routine? Explore a world of flavour by creating your own custom specialty coffee blends at home. Imagine a morning cup with the bright berry notes you love, a hint of rich chocolate, and a … Read More

Person handling raw coffee beans

Bean to Brew: Understanding Specialty Coffee Production

Welcome to the world of specialty coffee, where each bean is a testament to a meticulous journey from the heart of coffee-growing regions to your favourite mug. Today, we’ll be discussing the production of this high-quality coffee, and the processes … Read More

An espresso shot being extracted

How to Appreciate Specialty Coffee Flavours

Appreciate the world of specialty coffee with our comprehensive guide! From understanding the nuances of flavour to mastering tasting techniques, Howden Coffee will elevate your coffee experience and make every sip special. … Read More

A photo of a latte being poured.

Specialty Coffee: A Connoisseur’s Guide

Are you a coffee lover who appreciates the finer nuances of a perfectly brewed cup? If so, then specialty coffee is your gateway to coffee heaven. In this guide, we will navigate the world of specialty coffee, providing you with … Read More

5 Creative Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

Don’t throw away your used coffee grounds! Discover 5 creative ways to repurpose them in this article. … Read More