Fairtrade Colombia 12 x 500g Coffee Beans


A clean cup, free from ferment. Medium to high acidity and full sweetness
12 x 500g Whole Bean



AMUCAFLOME - ASSOCIATION OF WOMAN COFFEE GROWERS The Association of Women Coffee Growers of Mesones and La Florida AMUCA FLOME is located in the municipality of Ortega, in the department of Tolima. This association is made up of 15 female coffee farmers who live in the Florida and Mesones hamlets. This community of women is very diverse, including single mothers and indigenous council members. Thirty percent of them have completed high school, while 70% have only had access to primary education. These women work diligently in all aspects of farm work and aspire to have their contributions recognized within the coffee industry. In 2013, the women decided to come together and form an association. This decision allowed them to negotiate better prices for their coffee and access training and technical assistance. Currently, AMUCAFLOME produces coffee from the Castilla, Caturra, and Colombia varieties. The association's coffee is renowned for its high quality and labour. The story of AMUCAFLOME is a success story. The women in the association have managed to improve their living conditions and contribute to the development of their community. As an example of how unity and organization can empower rural women. The association has demonstrated that women can lead and manage successful businesses. This exceptional coffee captivates with vibrant raspberry and violet notes, followed by the subtle sweetness of quince and delicate spice. As it unfolds, it reveals a harmonious balance that culminates in a luxurious finish with hints of dark chocolate, creating a truly indulgent and memorable cup.


Ortega, Tolima


1400 - 2200 MASL




Castilla, Caturra, Colombia


Fully Washed

Taste Notes

Raspberry, Violet, Quince, Delicate Spice & Dark Chocolate


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