LIMITED EDITION – Brazil Coffee Beans



Brail, South America
Taste Notes
Quince, Apple-like, Sweet Caramel
3 / 5

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FAZENDA VILA BOA, NATURAL CARBON NEUTRAL This Carbon Neutral coffee is produced on a farm that sequesters more carbon than it emits, making it a smart choice for environmentally-conscious consumers. Monica Borges and her husband manage the over 100 year old farm, Fazenda Vila Boa in Campos das Vertentes, Sul de Minas. The farm has always been focused on its social and environmental impacts. In addition to supporting nearly 450 people in the surrounding community with jobs and social projects, Fazenda Vila Boa is certified carbon neutral. Certified by GRÖN, the carbon neutral certification demonstrates that the farm sequesters more carbon (through plant life) than it emits (through harvest & processing). Campo das Vertentes is located in the heart of Minas Gerais state. The region gained its name, meaning literally “watershed fields,” due to its location between two important water basins in Brazil. Because of the fertile soils and the abundance of water, agriculture arrived early in the region, following the first settlers who came in search of precious metals. Coffee adapted perfectly to this area and production can be traced back to 1860. More recently, the rich co􀇳fee tradition of Campo das Vertentes, as well as the unique landscape and microclimate of the region, are being recognized by a new geographical indication. The co􀇳fee is selectively harvested and placed inside a plastic barrel to ferment anaerobically (without oxygen). Cherry ferments in the barrel for over 100 hours. Following fermentation, cherry is laid on patios to sun dry. Cherry is raked frequently to ensure even drying, which takes approximately 15 days to dry. Savor the unique blend of quince and apple-like crispness, complemented by sweet caramel undertones. This co􀇳fee boasts a full body, strong aroma, and a lingering after-taste. With moderate acidity, low bitterness, and high sweetness, it promises a well-balanced and enjoyable cup, perfect for those who love a fruity and sweet indulgence.


Campos Das Vertentes, Sul De Minas


1030 MASL




Yellow Bourbon



Taste Notes

Quince, Apple-like, Sweet Caramel


3 / 5

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Motor Neurone Disease Association (MND), Balls to Cancer, Depher, Dogs Trust, Forget Me Not Childrens Hospice, Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Dovehouse Hospice, Emmaus UK, Kidney Cancer UK, Jessie's Fund, No Donation


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