LIMITED EDITION – Nicaragua Coffee Beans



Jinoteg, Nicaragua
Taste Notes
White floral, Melon, Belgian dark chocolate, Molasses, Prune

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Nicaragua SHG

ASOCIACION ALDEA GLOBAL This coffee is from the region of Jinotega, home to Asociacion Aldea Global Jinotega, where various farmers come together to produce this special Nicaraguan coffee scoring an incredible 84 points. SHG stands for strictly high grown and specifies the altitude at which the coffee is grown. All SHG coffee must be grown at 1,200 masl or higher, the higher altitude and lower temperatures mean that the coffee fruit matures more slowly creating a denser bean. In Nicaragua there is an exceptional focus on quality coffee, winning first place in the Cup of Excellence and using machine learning and high-end technology equipment for improving the coffee industrial processing. Farmers will process coffee on their own farms usually comprised of 10+ hectares. Coffee cherries are hand-picked from sunrise until 3pm. Pickers bring all of the cherries back to the farms’ wet mill where it is weighed and pulped. The beans are left to ferment aerobically - no water overnight for 12-18 hours depending on the farm’s altitude and ambient conditions. Coffee is then sun dried for 9-11 days until the moisture content reaches 11.5%. The cooperative invests heavily in its workers in turn putting great emphasis on quality and aiming for the international specialty coffee industry continuing to improve and invest in their farms and their families. The Nicaragua SHG boasts white floral hints and a splash of melon sweetness. Dive into the deep, satisfying notes of Belgian dark chocolate, complemented by a subtle touch of molasses. The journey concludes with a nuanced prune finish, creating a balanced and memorable coffee experience




1,200 MASL




Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra



Taste Notes

White Floral, Melon, Belgian Chocolate, Molasses, Prune.



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